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> A member of this group wrote to me privately with the following
> objection to my note about going wide rather than deep:
> > to proliferate "witnesses" -- bits of evidence -- will only increase
> > uncertainty rather than (as hoped) decrease it, just because to do so
> > increases the number of occasions for interpretation

 ​Dear Willard, ​

What would be​ wrong with increasing "the number of occasions for

“Once we have granted that any physical theory is essentially only a model
for the world of experience, we must renounce all hope of finding anything
like ‘the correct theory.’ There is nothing which prevents *any number
of quite distinct models* from being in correspondence with experience
(i.e., all ‘correct’).” Hugh Everett III, “The theory of the
universal wave function”, 1973, p. 134. ​[Available from the Internet 
Archive, at 
https://archive.org/details/TheTheoryOfTheUniversalWaveFunction -- WM.]

If this is true for the physical sciences I think it can be even more true
for the humanities. I would surmise that it is the interplay of diverse
*legitimate* interpretations that keeps them alive.


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