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Il 25/05/18 08:07, Humanist Discussion Group ha scritto:
     A new member of Humanist recently admitted to an interest in (I quote
     from memory) "digital as amplification of interdisciplinary". Engaged
     I am, along with numerous others, in research spreading across many
     disciplines, fuelled by quick if not immediate access to a deluge of
     articles and books, this phrase struck a chord, loudly.

hi willard,
you too struck a chord, for me: it's when you say "how to persuade those in
fields more constrained than mine that I'm saying anything at all".
where my reading (my gadamerian description) : "how to persuade those in
computer science, philosophy, humanities, that Digital Humanities are saying
anything at all".

it is that "saying anything at all", the core. in the last year in italy we had
quite a long debate, inside the italian DH association (AIUCD) and with a
strong critic of DH about what DH can/could say of 'scientifically sound'. the
position of the critic was - i simplify a little - that DH aren't saying
anything at all, and that those who say something are 'traditional' computer
science, philosophy, humanities, etc.
the enjeu is not only (as usual) the method but "the discourse of DH" in global


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