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        Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 11:33:55 -0600
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: Merging DiRT and TAPoR

TAPoR is proud to announce the merging of DiRT Directory with TAPoR.ca

We are happy to announce that DiRT Directory’s digital tool collection has been merged with TAPoR. This merger brings together two useful tool registries in the digital humanities. Please visit http://tapor.ca  http://tapor.ca/  and help us curate this joint collection.

We need help! With an expanded collection of tools, TAPoR now features tools that go beyond text analysis, but we need your help to curate the registry. TAPoR has a curated list feature and we are looking for Associate Editors who are willing to manage a list of tools around a specific discipline, need, audience, theme or technology. If you are interested, please contact Geoffrey Rockwell or Stéfan Sinclair and propose a thematic list.

Tool reviewers also needed! TAPoR has a “pinned” comments feature that allows us to pin reviews to the top of the list of comments. If you or your students want to review tools and contribute to keeping TAPoR current please write us.

What is next? Currently, the images from DiRT have not been included with the new tools, but they will be shortly. We also need your help reviewing tool entries and correcting out-of-date information.

What to learn more about this merger? Come to our talk at CSDH-SCHN on “Absorbing DiRT: Tool Discovery in the Digital Age” Sunday 27th of May. We will talk about the challenges of maintaining such directories and how we managed the merger.

We want recognize everyone who has been involved with DiRT Directory throughout its history. The DiRT Directory evolved from Project Bamboo, which developed “Bamboo DiRT” from Lisa Spiro’s "DiRT Wiki.” 

DiRT will no longer be maintained/updated. Please redirect any links now to TAPoR at http://tapor.ca  http://tapor.ca/


Geoffrey Rockwell grockwel at ualberta.ca <mailto:grockwel at ualberta.ca>
Quinn Dombrowski quinnd at berkeley.edu
Stéfan Sinclair stefan.sinclair at mcgill.ca
Kaitlyn Grant kgrant1 at ualberta.ca <mailto:kgrant1 at ualberta.ca>

This work was supported by the SSHRC funded Text Mining the Novel project led by Andrew Piper (McGill).

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