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        Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 12:47:54 +0100
        From: David Zeitlyn <david.zeitlyn at anthro.ox.ac.uk>
        Subject: Re 32.12 events: JADH 2018; Hofstadter on translations
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Dear all,

I'm very sorry not to be able to attend these lectures
Hofstadter is as the author of the following

Hofstadter, Douglas. 2009. Translator, Trader: An Essay on the 
Pleasantly Pervasive Paradoxes of Translation. New York: Basic Books.

This presents an alternative to the overwork trope of Translator, traitor
if every translation is a trade-off then we have to think about the 
gains and losses of a particular translation strategy …

best wishes

David Zeitlyn,

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