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Willard McCarty willard.mccarty at mccarty.org.uk
Mon Jul 16 23:06:26 CEST 2018

Dear members of Humanist,

The digital catastrophe which Humanist has suffered has resulted in 
welcome messages and references to 'Malgosia', i.e., Malgosia Askanas, 
who is the designer and author of the code we all have depended on for 
many years. So no worries about tricks with devious intent. The only 
worry is getting Humanist up and running again. Malgosia has volunteered 
her time and efforts over the years despite having to make a living. It 
seems she can no longer continue, so we must find the right sort of 
person to dive in and fix what is broken. This, then, is an appeal.

Malgosia has laid out what sort of person is needed, as follows:

> The person you are looking for needs to have the following qualifications:
> -  Proficiency in PHP.
> -  Proficiency in HTML.
> -  Several years of experience with using Unix systems.
> -  Experience with maintaining and fine-tuning Mailman mailing lists.
> -  Good understanding of mail systems, including Procmail filtering.
> -  An decent understanding of email formats.
> -  Ability to maintain Perl code.
> In addition, it would be most advisable (though not necessary in the
> present crisis) if this person's understanding of email formats, and
> new developments in this area, was more than just "decent" - because
> I am sure that some of my code is becoming obsolete with respect to
> handling such developments.  However, it is also conceivable that the
> person you get to replace me could, if necessary, hire an email
> consultant.

Malgosia does have a functional+design spec for the framework.

Without this person, Humanist (in its 32nd year, will be no longer. 
There are no funds set aside for the purpose as far as I know. Perhaps, 
things moving on as they do, it's time to let Humanist go. I'm not 
giving up, but I do not have the talents as described above. More than 
an intimation of digital mortality....

To avoid a flood of messages, please reply to me directly only if you 
wish to nominate yourself or have a compelling idea of what might be 
done. Meanwhile, gratitude beyond my description to Malgosia for her 
fine work. She has warned us over the years that something needed to be 
done to secure Humanist's future.

All the best.


Willard McCarty (www.mccarty.org.uk/), Professor emeritus, Department of
Digital Humanities, King's College London; Adjunct Professor, Western
Sydney University; Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

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