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        Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018 17:34:54 -0400
        From: "Jeffrey A. Savoye" <savoye at eapoe.org>
        Subject: Edgar Allan Poe and Digital Humanities

I have been asked to consider writing a chapter on Edgar Allan Poe and 
Digital Humanities for an online collection (an online collection that 
will reflect and extend a printed version that will be appearing at the 
end of the year).

I am currently looking through some of the online questions and answers 
on the website, but I wondered if the definition of Digital Humanities 
has become any less elusive over the last 7 years or so (given that as 
the age of the answers online). Perhaps it has grown only more elusive.

I am also interested in a good collection (or a couple of good 
collections) of essays/articles about Digital Humanities, historically 
or something more current. Is there a list of more or less standard 

I have been working on electronic texts of the works of Edgar Allan Poe 
(and works about Poe and his writings) for more than 2 decades, but I 
understand that the idea of Digital Humanities has been moving in lots 
of different directions during this time, and I would like to have a 
decent grounding before proceeding with an article.

Jeffrey A. Savoye
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

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