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        Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:09:10 +0300
        From: costas papadopoulos <cpapadopoulos84 at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: #dariahTeach platform - Digital Humanities

Dear colleagues,

As the new academic year is upon us, we would like to (re)draw your attention to the #dariahTeach platform, an open source, extensible, online, multilingual, community-driven platform for high-quality teaching and training materials for the digital humanities, specifically tailored for third-level education.

#dariahTeach supports educational values such as creation, creativity, autonomy, and social networked learning. It is also experimental in understanding online curriculum development as design thinking. The goal is to provide a flexible offering that can be integrated into diverse teaching and learning situations: both for teachers in the classroom, as well as for students who are not at institutions which offer digital humanities as a subject area.

The platform currently hosts five courses and two workshops. Courses are pegged to 5 to 10 ECTS while workshops are shorter, developed as short-term, focused introductions to a topic, method, or approach. The courses currently available are:
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Text Encoding and the TEI
Multimodal Literacies
Sound Studies
Digitizing Dictionaries
And the workshops are:
Spatial Image Analytics
An introduction to Conceptual Modeling

Visit the #dariahTeach learning platform and our courses, contact us and give us feedback! We would also encourage you to become part of our community and contributing to the platform either at your own pace or by taking advantage of the new Masterclass on Creating Open Educational Resources for #dariahTeach!

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