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        Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 19:32:47 +0200
        From: maurizio lana <maurizio.lana at gmail.com>
        Subject: library software specific for Mac
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dear all,

does anyone of you know of any software 'related to libraries' (management of
digital libraries, books cataloguing, access and best use of biblio databases
and journals collections, ...) available only for mac?

the underlying question is: are there any areas where is not operating the
usual convention of software available in both Windows and MacOs versions (and
sometimes Linux version)?

for me, the main interest is in the library and information science area.
thank you for your help

loro semplicemente, non accettano la narrazione che prevale. Sanno, perché 
ne sono i protagonisti, che è scorretta, politicamente e umanamente.
il sogno di zoro, 2 giugno 2017
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