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        Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 12:00:46 +0100
        From: "Center for Comparative Studies" <centrostudicomparati at libero.it>
        Subject: new version of ALIM

A new version of ALIM (Archivio della latinità italiana del medioevo), operated by the research teams of the universities Napoli "Suor Orsola Benincasa", Siena, Palermo, Venezia e Verona, and empowered by Net7 Pisa, has been released at the web address alim.unisi.it. It is fully open access and open source (Muruca overall framework, backend on LAMP stack and Symfony framework, CMS WordPress, search engine SOLR, Garage conversion software, frontend by AngularJS). The library, which counted more than 300.000 contacts, has been enriched with hundreds of new texts and documents for about 11 milllions more chars, all encoded in XML-TEI, including some editiones principes or first transcriptions of unpublished works (such as the early medieval grammarian Ursus Beneventanus, some XII century artes dictandi, soon the XIII century letters by Bonfilius Aretinus) and new editions in progress (Edictum Rothari). Materials are downloadable in different format (pdf, txt, xml, html). A set of  tools for textual analysis has been implemented by the free software Lexicon, working directly on the ALIM documents as well as indipendently (www.lexicon.unisi.it), a Lemmatizer extended to a medieval Latin wordset, and the browsing software for TEI-based digital editions EVT.
The Home-page offers some samples of thematic collections such as medical texts, documents about the history of Arezzo, works on natural sciences, laws, itineraria and others, to be enriched according to the progress of the encoding and the researches connected to the projects. The platform is in process of being constantly improved and the team will be grateful for any suggestions by the interested scholars.

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