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        Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 13:40:42 +0100
        From: Sara Schulthess <sara.schulthess at sib.swiss>
        Subject: launching HumaReC platform

Dear colleagues,

The team of the project HumaReC are pleased to announce the launching of the Research Platform: https://humarec.org <https://humarec.org/>

HumaReC – Humanities Research and Continuous Publishing: a digital New Testament test-case is a project of the Swiss National Science Foundation led by Claire Clivaz (http://p3.snf.ch/project-169869  http://p3.snf.ch/project-169869 ) at Vital-IT (SIB, Lausanne) and aims to study the trilingual manuscript of the New Testament Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379).
Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379) (GA 460) is the only Greek-Latin-Arabic manuscript of the New Testament that we are aware of.

Research on the platform will be regularly updated with new blog posts and new folios of the manuscript. We are looking forward to having your comments and reactions to our continuous data and blog publications.

Discover more about the projet and our partners on the website https://humarec.org <https://humarec.org/>! 
To keep you informed about updates, you can like our facebook page (facebook.com/humarec  http://facebook.com/humarec ) or follow @project_humarec on twitter.

We apologize for possible cross-posting!

Best regards,
The HumaReC Team
Sara Schulthess
Anastasia Chasapi
Martial Sankar
Claire Clivaz

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