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        Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 19:02:34 +0000
        From: Matthew Jockers <mjockers at unl.edu>
        Subject: New Issue of Law and History Review on Digital History


Elizabeth Dale. In this issue. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. v-vi (2016).

Special issue on Digital History. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 831-1069 (2016). 

Jason Eiseman, Whitney Bagnall, Cate Kellett and Caitlyn Lam. Litchfield unbound: unlocking legal history with metadata, digitization, and digital tools. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 831-855 (2016). 

David J. Seipp. Big legal history and the hundred year test. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 857-871 (2016). 

Mark Finnane and Alana Piper. The Prosecution Project: understanding the changing criminal trial through digital tools. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 873-891 (2016). 

Richard Ward and Lucy Williams. Initial views from the Digital Panopticon: reconstructing penal outcomes in the 1790s. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 893-928 (2016). 

Tim Hitchcock and William J. Turkel. The Old Bailey Proceedings, 1674-1913: text mining for evidence of court behavior. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 929-955 (2016). 

David S. Tanenhaus and Eric C. Nystrom. "Let's change the law": Arkansas and the puzzle of juvenile justice reform in the 1990s. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 957-997 (2016). 

Charles W. Romney. Using vector space models to understand the circulation of habeas corpus in Hawai?i, 1852-92. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 999-1026 (2016). 

Michael Ng, T. Edwin Chow and David W.S. Wong. Geographical dimension of colonial justice: using GIS in research on law and history. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 1027-1045 (2016). 

Stephen Robertson. Searching for Anglo-American digital legal history. 34 Law & Hist. Rev. 1047-1069 (2016). 

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