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        Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 18:35:32 +0000
        From: "Jentzsch, Tracy Hill" <jentzsch at udel.edu>
        Subject: Frederick Douglass Transcribe-A-Thon

> Date:  February 14, 2017
> From:  Tracy Jentzsch, jentzsch at udel.edu
> Subject:  Frederick Douglass Transcribe-A-Thon

ABOUT: This Valentine's Day, the Colored Conventions Project (coloredconventions.org) invites you to a birthday party for Frederick Douglass. Although Douglass was born into bondage, and never knew his birthdate, he chose to celebrate every year on February 14. In a spirit of radical love, this year we will commemorate his birthday and Black History Month with a transcribe-a-thon.

As students, faculty, staff and community members, we will gather to transcribe the minutes of the 19th-century Colored Conventions. We'll get to work at the University of Delaware and sites around the country. We'll have some birthday cake, singing, and feature a dramatic reading of Douglass' speech from the 1883 national Colored Convention. The event will be streamed online and CCP members will be available to talk with you on Facebook and Twitter. Let's preserve the longer history of Black activism together.

How you can get involved:

(1) Register online (link <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHWPwXsBPe5HZdpmH3z5Xd7AICtO96PIPwyoZV8MvsxWdQEw/viewform?>)

(2) Order your birthday cakes for Frederick Douglass and share your photos with on social media. #FrederickDouglassDay #BlackHistoryMonth. Plus, bonus points for Black-owned bakeries!

(3) Pass the word along - share, retweet and follow CCP on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/ColoredConventionsProject> and Twitter <https://twitter.com/CCP_org>.

Details for events at:

Bentley University http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#bentley
Boston University http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#boston
Brown University http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#brown
Loyola University Chicago http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#chicago
Loyola University Maryland http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#maryland
Northeastern http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#northeastern
University of Delaware http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#delaware
Winterthur http://coloredconventions.org/hbd#winterthur

Add your event to the list!  http://bit.ly/2lswdDh

About Transcribe Minutes:

To date, Transcribe Minutes has grown thanks to 941 transcribers making 18,366 revisions to 2,427 pages. Together we have made 88 Colored Conventions fully searchable, and vastly easier to read and share. We are approximately 70% of the way toward transcribing the surviving records of the Colored Conventions. Collective action works!

Welcome to Transcribe Minutes<http://coloredconventions.org/welcome-to-transcribe>

Quickstart guide<http://coloredconventions.org/welcome-to-transcribe#quickstart> & Detailed instructions<http://coloredconventions.org/welcome-to-transcribe#advancedinstructions>

For details please contact Dr. David Kim, CCP Project Coordinator - djkim at udel.edu
@CCP_org on Twitter
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ColoredConventionsProject/

Tracy H. Jentzsch
Program Coordinator & Undergrad Internship Supervisor, Museum Studies Program
Regional DH Coordinator,  Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center
Media Specialist, Department of History
University of Delaware
Follow me on Twitter! @Tracy_Jentzsch  tweeting on Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarship  & Ed Tech
Member of the award winning Colored Conventions Project - coloredconventions.org

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