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        Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 16:22:20 +0200
        From: Serge Heiden <slh at ens-lyon.fr>
        Subject: TXM 0.7.8 available

Textometry: analysis of large corpora (Windows, Linux, Mac)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the TXM 0.7.8 installers:

What's New

- Windows:
  - improved support of roaming user accounts (like students accounts) 
for computer classrooms
  - shared installation between all users
  - network path management
  - management of paths with accented or special characters

- Linux: TXM uses now its own R, as for Windows
- annotation of corpus through TXM concordances: basic mode (list of 
personal categories) or expert mode (http://symogih.org categories)

- concordances:
  - ability to highlight a particular word in the pivot (denoted by a 
'@' label in the query)
  - possibility to edit a concordance (lines removal)
- index: possibility to limit the calculation of an index to a particular word 
of a query (denoted by a '@' label)
- new import modules:
  - XTZ + CSV module:
    - interpretation of a minimal set of TEI tags
    - parameterization of 4 processing steps with XSL:
      - split-merge: split or merge the source files of a corpus
      - front: adapting file contents
      - post-tokenization: adapting certain words
      - edition: customize editions
    - textual planes management: text not to be indexed, note content 
text, text to be ignored
    - synoptic editions with facsimile images (local or remote)
  - ODT/DOC/RTF + CSV module:
    - interpretation of MS Word or Libre Office Writer word processing 
    - management of certain character and paragraph styles, bulleted 
lists, images, tables, page breaks, etc.
- synchronized navigation between progressions, concordances and editions
- improved support of corpus with many structures and properties
- possibility to run Groovy scripts when launching or closing TXM

For the TXM Team

Dr. Serge Heiden, slh at ens-lyon.fr, http://textometrie.ens-lyon.fr
ENS de Lyon - IHRIM UMR5317
15, parvis René Descartes 69342 Lyon BP7000 Cedex, tél. +33(0)622003883

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