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        Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 19:59:45 +0200
        From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman.sheji at icloud.com>
        Subject: Research Request

Dear Colleagues,

This is a request for your help finding articles, reports, and documents of any kind on the topics of 1) practice based research, 2) practice led research, 3) practice as research, 4) artistic research.

In working on an article, I am discovering that authors use these terms in many different ways. In some cases, the same terms designate very different approaches, methods, or perspectives. In other cases, different terms indicate the same approach, method, or perspective. More confusing still, some of these terms designate approaches, methods, or perspectives that could easily be characterized using standard research terms from the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, or liberal arts — other than the fact artists, designers, architects, composers, or other practitioners of the fine arts or creative arts have done the projects, they might easily have been done by researchers in other fields. 

I seek anything that anyone can send me that has been published in books, journals, reports, or even in the gray literature. I also welcome research documents such as PhD dissertations or theses that exemplify these terms if when the documents contain an explicit method or methodology section that defines terms and methods,  

When possible, I’d like actual documents in .pdf or MS Word .docx or .doc formats.

Please send these direct to me at

ken.friedman.sheji at icloud.com

It is easy to send documents in any standard format by using WeTransfer. WeTransfer hosts a free service that allows users to send up to 20 GB at no cost. It is easy to upload documents, and easy to download them. 


When documents are not accessible, I also welcome links.

As usual, I will compile the documentation that I receive. I will send a complete bibliography to everyone who contributes, and I will make the full collection available to anyone who wishes a copy. 

This project will take two or three months. As with similar projects in the past, I will release the bibliography and make the collection available when it is done.

If you have materials, I will be deeply grateful for your help.



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