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        Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:38:17 +0000
        From: "Johnson, Arlene (johnsoam)" <JOHNSOAM at ucmail.uc.edu>
        Subject: Graduate Assistantship for Digital Humanities Research on the Elliston Poetry Archive

University of Cincinnati, 
Department of English and Comparative Literature:
Announcing a Graduate Assistantship for Digital Humanities Research on the Elliston Poetry Archive

The Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati would like to announce the creation of a dedicated graduate assistantship in the digital humanities for the Elliston Project.

Since 2010, UC Libraries and the Department of English & Comparative Literature have collaborated on The Elliston Project, an audio archive of over 700 recordings of poetry or poetry-related content.  The recordings span seven decades and feature over 450 poets, including Wendell Berry, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Louise Glück and a host of others. Alan Liu, a pioneer of digital humanities in literary studies, considers the Elliston project to be a “world-class poetry audio archive,” which has the potential to “alter the dominant understandings of a ‘digital archive’ developed for textual materials.”

We invite applications to our graduate program from promising undergraduate or MA students with an interest in the digital humanities. We welcome students versed in a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to be used in conjunction with digital methods. Areas of potential research include: semantic analysis of large audio and text datasets, adapting natural language processing algorithms for audio and media files, the creation of a linked data infrastructure, among other experimental analyses of the Elliston poetry archive.

The chosen students will be admitted to the English and Comparative Literature department, and would work under the supervision of Professor James Lee. They will gain experience with audio production, metadata, digital repositories, web development, and the methodologies of digital humanities scholarship.  Students may cycle off the Elliston Graduate Assistantship prior to the completion of their degree in order to gain essential classroom experience by teaching.

Please contact Professor Lee <lee6jj at ucmail.uc.edu> with any questions, or click here <http://www.artsci.uc.edu/departments/english/grad.html> for information on how to apply to our graduate program.  All students who apply by January 15th, 2017, are eligible for admission with full funding (tuition remission and a stipend).  Applicants should express an interest in serving as the Elliston / DH Graduate Assistant.

Arlene Johnson
Associate Senior Librarian
Co-Director, Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship Center
Selector and Liaison to the Romance Languages and Literatures Department
University of Cincinnati Libraries
450 Langsam Library
arlene.johnson at uc.edu

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