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        Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:31:36 +0200
        From: Evelyn Gius <evelyn.gius at uni-hamburg.de>
        Subject: Routines for (collaborative) annotation for literary text analysis?

Dear Humanists,

After the completion of the three year project heureCLÉA that aimed at the automation of the annotation of narratological phenomena in literary texts, we are now in a phase where we are reflecting on the outcomes of our manual annotation efforts (for more information on the project see www.heureclea.de  http://www.heureclea.de/ ). Among other things, we would like to compare our process and findings to those of other approaches. Therefore we would be very grateful if members of this list could point us to similar work in the field of literary text analysis. 

In heureCLÉA we developed an approach to the collaborative annotation of literary texts that in our view satisfies the paradigms of Literary Studies (i.e., a pluralism of interpretations, exemplary analysis etc.) and at the same times enables comparatively robust analysis results as a base for the automation. Therefore we are especially interested in other projects in the field of Literary Studies where (collaborative) annotation has been used for text analysis purposes. Our main question is whether (and which) routines—such as guidelines—have been developed/employed for the analysis process.


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