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        Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2016 19:51:47 +0100
        From: Julianne Nyhan <j.nyhan at ucl.ac.uk>
        Subject: Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are delighted to be able to announce the inception of Enlightenment
Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections, a new
research project based at the British Museum in collaboration with the
Department of Information Studies at University College London.
'Enlightenment Architectures' will start on 3 October 2016 and will run for
three years until 30 September 2019.

The project has received generous funding from the Leverhulme Trust in the
form of a Research Project Grant totalling £332,552 awarded to the British
Museum, where Dr Kim Sloan is the Principal Investigator.  The
Co-Investigator on the project is Dr Julianne Nyhan and the Senior Research
Assistant is Dr Martha Fleming. The grant will also accommodate two Post
Doctoral Research Assistantships and one Doctoral Studentship.  The call for
applications for the PDRA positions are live now on the British Museum jobs
website: Post Doctoral Research Assistant: Enlightenment Architectures (x2) 
http://goo.gl/z7XSdJ  . The call for applications for the Doctoral
Studentship will appear shortly on the University College London jobs

The objective of Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane’s catalogues
of his collections is to understand the intellectual structures of
Sloane’s own manuscript catalogues of his collections and with them the
origins of the Enlightenment disciplines and information management
practices they helped to shape. The project will employ a pioneering
interdisciplinary combination of curatorial, traditional humanities and
Digital Humanities research to examine Sloane’s catalogues which reveal
the way in which he and his contemporaries collected, organised and
classified the world, through their descriptions, cross-references and
codes.  The project will draw on the research framework that emerged from
the 2012 AHRC-funded 'Sloane's Treasures' workshops, and findings will make
significant contributions to histories of information science, histories of
collections, and philosophy of knowledge, and will benefit a wide range of
other disciplines as well.

Six manuscript catalogues created from 1680 to 1753 and selected from across
the three institutions now holding Sloane's materials – the British
Museum, the British Library, and the Natural History Museum – will be
transcribed and closely analysed by the interdisciplinary research team with
the assistance of curatorial support from those three institutions. Regular
workshops between curators, humanities researchers, and digital humanities
practitioners will produce a deeper understanding of the structure and
content of the catalogues.  This will be disseminated through:

- scholarly publications and conference contributions
- focused workshops and a project website
- a prototype linked data ontology for use in digital analysis of early
modern collections

We look forward to communicating with you about our work, and welcome
contributions from the wide-ranging scholarly communities whose disciplines
will participate in and benefit from  this research.  We ask you to assist
us in disseminating the announcements for the two Post Doctoral Research
Associateships and the Doctoral Studentship, and would ask you to alert
colleagues and students who are eligible and appropriate to apply.  As this
is a Leverhulme Grant, the Doctoral Studentship is open to the EU as well
as to UK applicants.  The Research Associateships are open to international

With very best regards,

Dr Kim Sloan and Dr Julianne Nyhan

*  Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's catalogues of his


- The British Museum
- University College London Centre for Digital Humanities

Project Team:

- Dr Kim Sloan is Curator of British Drawings and Watercolours before
1880 and the Francis Finlay Curator of the Enlightenment Gallery at the
British Museum: http://www.britishmuseum.org/a

- Dr Julianne Nyhan is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital
Information Studies at UCL’s Department of Information Studies:

- Dr Martha Fleming is a specialist in collections-based research and an
historian of science: http://marthafleming.net/.

Dr Julianne Nyhan
Senior Lecturer in Digital Information Studies
University College London

020 7679 2476 (non-UK: +44 20 7679 2476) Office: G42, Foster Court
Email: j.nyhan at ucl.ac.uk
Web: *http://www.ucl.ac.uk/infostudies/julianne-nyhan/

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