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        Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 14:09:58 -0500
        From: ronald laporte <ronaldlaporte at gmail.com>
        Subject: Library of Alexandria and a global grid of science

Greetings from the Library of Alexandria in Egypt

Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Pittsburgh, and Ismail
Serageldin, Head of the Library of Alexandria, for the Library of

Please Join the Library Grid of Science 

The Library of Alexandria is contacting you and other great researchers in
the world to establish a program for global interdisciplinary scientific
work and to boost research production in Africa. The Library of Alexandria
is well situated to accomplish this with your help as it was reborn in 2002
in the same spot it occupied since ancient times 3000 years ago.  The new
library is recapturing the spirit of the ancient library with the most
modern technology of this new century to establish research across
disciplines, and to improve research in Africa.

The Ancient library brought together the most interesting minds of
antiquity and encouraged them to mingle freely across cultures and
disciplines we hope to do the same with you and other faculty.  From this
approach was born perhaps the most significant breakthroughs the world had
seen.  Aristarchus stated that the earth revolves around the sun, 1800
years before Copernicus. Euclid wrote his Elements of Geometry, which is
the only text book still in use from ancient times. Library science, women
in science, astronomy Chemistry today, owe much of their existence to the
Library as the result of the interaction of thinkers in different
disciplines bouncing ideas off of each other. We see now in this virtual
world, this is indeed possible time for the  Library to foster
interdisciplinary and international research. We need to break out of our
silos. We invite you to join the BA Grid  The Library of Alexandria Global
Grid of science will shortly have 2 million scientists. The library is
indeed the world’s library as much of science  sprang from Alexandria

Besides the need for interdisciplinary research a critical problem in
Africa, is that of the lack of research methods skills.  Research methods
is at the core of all science.  We have built a research methods library of
Alexandria. Here we have one of the largest research methods libraries, as
well as the Encyclopedia of Life.

Here we present 3 projects to which the library developed. We would love to
have you join and  be a part of history.

American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, Washington
DC  Drs.Vint Cerf (VP google), Ismael Serageldin (Head Library Alexandria)
Faina Linkov (Associate Professor) and myself (Professor Emeritus) will be
presenting about the Library of Alexandria Global Grid. We focus on the
fostering of interdisciplinary collaboration and boosting African Science.  We
would like input from all of you, please come  Sunday, February 14, 2016:
3:00 PM-4:30 PM, Wilson C(Marriot Wardman Park)

BiovisionAlexandria 2016

April 12-14, 2016

Dr. Ismail Serageldin, the head of the Library of Alexandria hosts the
Biovision Alexandria. This is an international event organized by the
Bibliotheca Alexandria. It is  gathering of leading scientists, faculty and
students from the 4 corners of the world through rich discussions that
commemorate science and the finest achievements of human intellect. The
ultimate goal is to provide a platform for exchange to explore different
ways of science. Biovision aims to increase participation of developing
countries in the global dialogue.  The BA is a key player in building
bridges among scientists, industry, government, etc. It is a unique
opportunity for North-South collaboration by bringing in new scientific
knowledge to the South.  The conference presents a unique opportunity for
collaboration by sharing knowledge across all countries. The conference
focuses on three major themes, Health, Food and Agriculture and
Environment. Nobel prize winners mingle with Professors, and students
across different disciplines, for this very rich and exciting meeting. I
have been to 100s of scientific meetings in my life. This is the best.

We will discuss at the meeting the Building of the Library of Alexandria
Grid for interdisciplinary collaboration.  We can also arrange for a
personalized tour of the Library. Every scientists must see the birthplace
of science and the pyramids.

Research methods Library of Alexandria


There are brilliant scientists in developing countries. However, still the
numbers of articles coming from Africa and Developing countries is low,
<2%.   One of the major problems in the world is “Stataphobia”, this is the
fear of statistics and not having access to experts. This is very important
as 76% of rejected articles are due to inadequate research  methods.
Stataphobia occurs in almost every faculty member and student.  In most
developing countries there are many more clinicians, Lawyers and business
people then there are experts in research methods.  We have therefore
created the research methods library of Alexandria where anyone can visit
for free to answer statistical questions and learn about research methods.
We would very much appreciate if you could tell your faculty and students
about this.

Come visit with us at the Library of Alexandria on April 12-14 where we
discuss this

If you would like to be a founding father for the Research methods Library
of Alexandria and be listed with all of us, there are 2 beginning

1.Visit the research methods library of Alexandria at

 to see what research information is provided (this is expanding).

2.Tell at least 10 friends, faculty and students about the RMLA (already
500,000 have been sent the above information. We would appreciate if you
shared this with your faculty and students

Thanks so much, we hope to see you at AAAS,Biovision, and for you to be
founding members.

Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D. for Ismail Serageldin and the Library of Alexandria

(Professor Emeritus, and Former WHO Collaborating Member Uni of Pittsburgh

If you would like to meet with our team, please write to me at
ronaldlaporte at gmail.com

Please contact me at ronaldlaporte at gmail.com with questions or 7249349023

We have identified many of you through your university as people who might
be interested in interdisciplinary research, Africa, and the Library of

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Global Health, so near, so far

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". (WHO)


Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D.
Emeritus Director WHO Collaborating Center
Professor Emeritus Epidemiology
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

 I prefer to have you email at ronaldlaporte at gmail.com
<ronaldlaporte at gmail.com>
Telephone home 724 934 9023
Mobile phone:  724 759 3283
Member RMLA/Supercourse team

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