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Of possible interest to Humanist readers:

>Subject: [WebCultures] Nice job opportunity at the Internet Archive
>   Web Archivist, Archive-It
>   *About the Internet Archive*: The Internet Archive is a non-profit with
>   a huge mission: to give everyone access in perpetuity to all knowledge
>   the books, Web pages, audio, television and software of our shared
>   culture. Our 150 engineers, archivists, librarians, and team members
>   built one of the Top 250 Websites in the world, https://archive.org.
>   Internet Archive has the oldest and largest web archive in the world
>   billion URLs and counting) and works with hundreds of national and
>   international libraries, archives, museums, universities, non-profits,
>   others to build curated web archive collections.
>   *Location: *San Francisco, CA
>   *Job Classification: *Full-time, exempt
>   *Job Summary*: The Internet Archive is seeking a Web Archivist for
>   Archive-It. Come help us help others save the web! Archive-It is a web
>   archiving service first launched in 2006 that enables our 350+ library
>   archive partners to capture, manage, preserve, and provide access to
>   highest quality content from the web. As the service continues to
>   we are looking for a resourceful, collaborative, and technically-savvy
>   individual to join our team. You can find out more about the service at
>   https://archive-it.org/
>   The Web Archivist is the first point of contact for partners that use
>   Archive-It and has responsibility for interacting with partners,
>   them started with the service, and supporting their work archiving the
>   The role is responsible for fielding and managing technical questions
>   working with the Archive-It internal engineering team to resolve
>   The role will also participate in ongoing feature development for
>   Archive-It and show leadership in improving partner support,
>   reporting, and training,
>   *Key Responsibilities:*
>   - Perform first level and many second level technical support issues,
>      advising and assisting librarians and archivists from a variety of
>      institutions in troubleshooting issues and maintaining the quality
>      archived collections of websites and of the Archive-It service.
>      - Work directly with other web archivists and engineers on technical
>      issues and Archive-It application improvements including beta
>testing with
>      users and writing documentation.
>      - Onboarding new Archive-It partners including conducting webinars,
>      trainings, and managing account setup and maintenance.
>      - Take the lead on marketing and external communications, including
>      social media, blogging, website management, and other
>      outreach and communication.
>      - Represent Archive-It and promote web archiving via conference
>      presentations, workshops, professional events, and active
>participation in
>      the web archiving, digital preservation, and library/archives
>      - Participate in special projects such as research, reporting,
>      internal archiving and preservation projects, special collections,
>      multi-institutional collaborations.
>   *Preferred Qualification and Skills:*
>   - Masters degree in LIS/Archives or equivalent, or experience working
>      with libraries, archives, museums and other memory institutions is
>      preferred.
>      - Two years technical support and/or public-facing reference or user
>      service experience is strongly preferred.
>      - Exceptional written, communication, and presentation skills.
>      - Comfortable learning new tools and technologies and working with
>      engineers and remote staff.
>      - Must be able to manage multiple projects, deadlines, and
>      responsibilities.
>      - Technical knowledge of web archiving and/or web technologies is a
>      plus.
>      - Ability to work in and enjoy a loosely-structured, creative work
>      environment.
>      - Flexibility, a sense of humor, and in inquisitive spirit are
>      appreciated.
>   References must be made available upon request.
>   To apply: Please forward your cover letter and resume to
>   jobs+webarchivist at archive.org
>   Internet Archive is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Internet Archive
>   complies with the Fair Chance Ordinance. Internet Archive is a
>   non-profit library founded in 1996.

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