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        Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 07:35:58 +0000
        From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty at mccarty.org.uk>
        Subject: last call: the Summer Institute in Digital Textual Studies

Summer Institute in Digital Textual Studies
National Humanities Center
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, U.S.
June 2015 and 2016

Conducted by Willard McCarty (King's College London; University of 
Western Sydney) and Matthew Jockers (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)

The Institute

The intention behind the Institute in Digital Textual Studies is to 
equip participants for confronting a central epistemic dilemma of 
digital research in the interpretative disciplines: what does it have to 
do with the core interpretative act? The focus of the Institute is 
discursive text, whether the scholar's interest is historical, 
sociological, philological, literary or linguistic. Its means of 
confronting this dilemma is analytical distant reading carried out with 
tools built by participants. No prior experience with or knowledge of 
programming is needed or required, rather willingness to make simple 
tools and to probe text digitally with them. The Institute is thus a 
hands-on seminar, simultaneously practical and philosophical. It is 
based on the conviction that a thorough understanding digital humanities 
is best pursued by combining direct experience of digital tools with 
wide-ranging consideration of the intellectual inheritance borne by 
computing and the implications it carries: where tools and ideas 
intersect the traffic is bi-directional and mutually transformative. For 
this reason time is devoted both to reading and discussing and to 
building and experimenting.


The Institute is intended for the kind of scholar that the National 
Humanities Center normally selects for residential fellowships, i.e. 
mid-career or senior scholars working in any area of the humanities. 15 
will be selected by the convenors.

About the NHC

The National Humanities Center is the only major independent American 
institute for advanced study in all fields of the humanities. Privately 
incorporated and governed by a distinguished board of trustees from 
academic, professional, and public life, the Center was planned under 
the auspices of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and began 
operation in 1978. It provides a national focus for the best work in the 
liberal arts, drawing attention to the enduring value of ancient and 
modern history, language and literature, ethical and moral reflection, 
artistic and cultural traditions, and critical thought in every area of 
humanistic investigation. By encouraging excellence in scholarship, the 
Center seeks to insure the continuing strength of the liberal arts and 
to affirm the importance of the humanities.


Application for the Summer Institute remains open until 20 February. 
Details of the Institute and link to the application form may be found 
at http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/digital-humanities/.

Willard McCarty (www.mccarty.org.uk/), Professor, Department of Digital
Humanities, King's College London, and Digital Humanities Research
Group, University of Western Sydney

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