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        Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 12:22:59 -0400
        From: Seth Denbo <sdenbo at gmail.com>
        Subject: AHA Draft Guidelines for Evaluation of Digital Scholarship by Historians

In January 2014 the AHA convened an ad hoc committee to develop guidelines
for the evaluation of digital scholarship by historians. The draft of these
guidelines has now been published for open public comment.

We are publishing this draft on the web to obtain broad feedback from across
the historical discipline and the digital humanities. This is not the final
version. We will be putting together a final draft for approval by the
AHA’s Council in the second half of May based upon the comments we receive
over the coming weeks. Please respond in the comments on the blog post about
the guidelines
on the Members’ Forum if you’re an AHA member, or anywhere that suits
you. If you blog about it or post comments elsewhere on the web please let
us know by tweeting at @AHAhistorians or sending me a quick e-mail.

More information on the committee and its work: http://bit.ly/1zkij80

Draft guidelines (PDF): http://bit.ly/1zkhITU

We look forward to your constructive and helpful responses.​

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