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        Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 08:33:49 +0000
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        Subject: FW: CFP: Narrative and Hypertext 2015

On 24/04/2015 19:23, "Charlie Hargood" <cah07r at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>Narrative and Hypertext 2015
>workshop on narrative systems
>To be held in conjunction with Hypertext 2015, Cyprus
>This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to bring
>together individuals from the humanities and technological communities
>to share work and discuss state-of-the-art research on narrative from
>both a technical and aesthetic perspective. It follows on from the
>very successful narrative workshops at HT2011 (the largest workshop in
>the conference), HT2012 which kick-started a number of collaborations
>and subsequent meetings, and at HT2013 where several of these
>collaborations were consolidated into future research projects.
>This year's workshop will principally build upon these previous
>successes, and aims to continue to consolidate this community by
>providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues
>facing the field.
>Narrative is a prevalent form of information common in our
>entertainment and communications, and key to our understanding of the
>world and its events. By building better models of narrative along
>with methods for generation, adaption, and presentation we enable
>narrative systems to become more effective but also improve our
>understanding of narrative structures.
>There is a growing community of researchers working on narrative
>systems, hypertext narratives, and machine readable narrative models,
>for which this workshop seeks to act as a hub to review advances and
>to discuss what the field might achieve in the coming year.
>The hypertext conference has a history of publishing work related to
>narrative research ranging from explorations of criticism and the
>creation of digital narrative to authoring hypertext fiction and
>semantic narrative systems. This workshop aims to support this work by
>providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues
>facing the field.
>The event is a full day workshop with planned sessions based around
>presentations of short paper submissions from attendees. As well as
>the planned sessions we plan to have some serendipitous sessions
>allowing for free discussion on topics of interest to those attending
>much like what is seen in 'unconference' events. Topics of interest
>for these sessions will be polled from the participants during coffee
>breaks at the beginning of the day and over lunch to allowing for
>serendipitous sessions late morning and at the end of the day. As well
>as free discussion these serendipitous sessions might include small
>relevant presentations and technical demos. This structure is based on
>the highly successful structure of previous workshops. Areas of
>discussion and relevant topics for the workshop include:
>Models of Narrative
>Systems for the Presentation of Narratives
>Adaptive and Personalised Narratives
>Narrative Analysis
>Narrative Generation
>Narrative as a method of Knowledge Capture
>Social Media as Narrative
>Narrative as a lens on identity
>Argumentation and Rhetoric
>Interactive Fiction
>Cinematic Hypertext
>Authorial support systems
>Strange Hypertext
>Interaction and Narrative
>Interdisciplinary collaboration on narrative
>Location Aware Narrative
>Digital Journalism and Citizen/Collaborative News
>Researchers and practitioners working with hypertext or narrative are
>invited to attend this workshop. Participants are asked to submit a
>short (between 2 and 5 pages ACM format) position paper on their
>current work. Authors of papers selected for presentation will be
>informed 4 weeks after the submission deadline. All the position
>papers of participants will be made available on the workshop website.
>As with last year the workshop will be split into planned and
>serendipitous sessions. The planned sessions will comprise of
>presentations of work from those with selected submitted papers with
>time for questions and discussion after each.
>The serendipitous sessions will depend on the interests of the
>attendees of the workshop and will function in the style of an
>unconference. The preceding coffee break to each serendipitous session
>will allow participants to put forward suggestions for discussion
>topics, short presentations, or demos. The organisers will then select
>the most popular activities suggested as the focus for that session.
>Submission Details
>Papers should be in ACM format, be between 2 and 5 pages long and
>submitted as a PDF. The papers should be emailed no later than
>midnight GMT 12th June 2015 to Charlie Hargood at
>cah07r at ecs.soton.ac.uk. Submitted papers will be refereed and
>notification of acceptance sent out 4 weeks later. Accepted papers
>will be included alongside the ACM Hypertext conference proceedings in
>the ACM Digital Library, and author will have a week to prepare camera
>ready papers for submission after acceptance.
>Important Dates:
>Papers Due - 12th June 2015
>Notification of acceptance - 10th July 2015
>Camera ready papers due - 17th July 2015
>Workshop - 1st September 2015
>you have any questions please feel free to contact the organisers:
>Charlie Hargood: cah07r at ecs.soton.ac.uk
>David Millard: dem at ecs.soton.ac.uk

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