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  [1]   From:    Elli Bleeker <elli.bleeker at gmail.com>                     (50)
        Subject: [DHBenelux 2015] Programme, Registration, Announcements

  [2]   From:    Constance Crompton <constance.crompton at gmail.com>         (19)
        Subject: June 1: Congress Hackfest at the University of Ottawa

        Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:32:19 +0200
        From: Elli Bleeker <elli.bleeker at gmail.com>
        Subject: [DHBenelux 2015] Programme, Registration, Announcements

Dear colleagues,

Please find enclosed a series of announcements concerning the upcoming DH
Benelux conference (8-9 June 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium), including links to
the conference¹s preliminary program and registration form, more information
on our bursaries for early career scholars, etc.

Preliminary Program

It is with great pleasure that we announce the preliminary program for
DHBenelux 2015. You will find the program on the conference's website:
http://dhbenelux.org/  http://dhbenelux.org/  . Please note that this is the
*preliminary* program, subject to changes.

We were very excited to welcome many great contributions of high quality.
Unfortunately this also meant that competition is up and we had to reject a
larger number of papers than the previous year. We shall however take it as
a positive sign of a well developing DH Benelux community. Please check out
this year's host of high quality papers, posters, and demosŠ

DHQ: Special DH Benelux Issue

It also gives us great pleasure to be able to announce that we have found
the editorial board of Digital Humanities Quarterly willing to work together
with us on a special issue of DHQ (http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/
 http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/  ) on the occasion of DHBenelux 2015. The
special issue will show case the highlight contributions to the conference.

Bursaries for Early Career Scholars

We are also proud to announce that we can offer a limited number of
bursaries to early career scholars who wish to attend the DH Benelux
conference. In addition to a reimbursement fee to cover travel and
accommodation expenses, the bursary will include an invitation to the
conference dinner at the Antwerp Zoo, and a waiver of the recipient¹s
registration fee. For more information on these bursaries please refer to
the dedicated section on our website (http://dhbenelux.org/#Bursaries
 http://dhbenelux.org/#Bursaries  ).


It remains then for us to once again kindly invite you to join us for this
exciting digital humanities event in the beautiful and bustling city of
Antwerp. Registration is now open. We offer discount fees for early bird
registration (until May 15). Please refer to the registration form
(http://dhbenelux.org/#Registration  http://dhbenelux.org/#Registration  )
for more information. Please also note that instead of an integrated fee
payment system we rather make use of decentralized highly intelligent
payment systems that are able to ensure timely payment of fees to the
appropriate account (this means you).

Reminder: Workshop on Visualization in DH

Finally, we also wish to remind you that the University of Antwerp¹s
Platform Digital Humanities is organizing a three day workshop on
'Visualization in Digital Humanities' that will immediately follow the DH
Benelux conference (10-12 June 2015). Registration for this workshop is open
until 30 April 2015. For more information please visit the workshop¹s
official website: http://dighum.uantwerpen.be/dighum/2015_spring_academy
 http://dighum.uantwerpen.be/dighum/2015_spring_academy  .

Kind regards on behalf of the Program Committee and Organization Committee

-- Joris van Zundert (Chair), Marijn Koolen (Vice Chair)

        Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:53:32 +0000
        From: Constance Crompton <constance.crompton at gmail.com>
        Subject: June 1: Congress Hackfest at the University of Ottawa

Congress Hackfest

This non-competitive Hackfest invites participants to explore or “hack” research data provided by invited digital humanities (DH) researchers. It will show what can be accomplished when research data is opened up for collaboration. Participants will enhance their skills and learn to use new tools to visualize data and work with digital assets. The event will also be an opportunity to meet other scholars from diverse fields and to learn about emerging common practices in DH.

This full day event on June 1st will be punctuated by 30 to 60 minute presentations of research projects and workshops on tools available for use by participants. In addition to the research data made available by selected DH researchers, a list of open data sources and tools will be provided. Check back on this space as our program develops.

Experienced and novice hackers are welcome! No prior knowledge of DH techniques or tools is required, but curiosity and a desire to collaborate are essential!

Visit our Congress event page to register: http://congress2015.ca/program/events/hackcongress-bring-your-own-data

A hackfest is an event designed to bring together a group of people to work collectively on a project or a problem, based on the premise that working collaboratively and with different skill sets, a group can accomplish more than an individual working alone.

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Constance Crompton
Assistant Professor, Digital Humanities and English
Department of Critical Studies | Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
University of British Columbia | Okanagan Campus
CCS 346 | 1148 Research Road, Kelowna BC Canada V1V 1V7
constance.crompton at ubc.ca<mailto:constance.crompton at ubc.ca> | @clkcrompton | constancecrompton.com http://constancecrompton.com

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