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  [1]   From:    Giulia Rispoli <giuliarispoli at GMAIL.COM>                  (13)
        Subject: Tangential Points Conference 2014 at Aalto University

  [2]   From:    "Bod, Rens" <L.W.M.Bod at uva.nl>                            (15)
        Subject: Final Call for Papers "The Making of the Humanities IV",
                Rome, 16-18 October 2014

  [3]   From:    Suzanne van Kaam <suzanne.van.kaam at huygens.knaw.nl>       (18)
        Subject: Announcement: first annual DH Benelux conference

        Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 11:03:40 +0100
        From: Giulia Rispoli <giuliarispoli at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: Tangential Points Conference 2014 at Aalto University

Dear all,

we now welcome participation registrations for the conference:

Special topic: Influence of A. Bogdanov’s systemic thinking on film arts via the Proletkult-movement

All the details may be found at the web page http://aaltowebstudio.cloudapp.net/tangentialpoints/

We invite academic scholars, students, and free thinkers to participate in the two-day international conference to be held at Aalto University, Helsinki, May 15-16, 2014. 

This new annual conference will bring together international scholars from natural sciences and arts to discuss historical and contemporary tangenting points between distinct fields. Each year a new specific topic will provide participants with a playground for creating, sharing, and cultivating a multiplicity of novel, even radical tangential points between natural sciences and arts.

The 1st meeting aims at linking the early Russian systemic thinking with the montage thinking that emerged within the film community in the first half of the 20th century. The young Sergei M. Eisenstein, among other artists, joined the Proletkult, a cross-disciplinary movement aiming to revolutionize culture, arts, and sciences. The medical doctor Alexander Bogdanov was the ideological father of this movement. Bogdanov held regular lectures, which embedded his tektological ideas of organization and emergent behavior as universal mechanisms of nature and society. Once V.I. Lenin’s closest collaborator, Bogdanov soon became his worst rival, and his systemic ideas were doomed to vanish from the Soviet history until their re-discovery in the 1980s.

The tangenting points between the early systemic thinking and film arts constitute the general topic of this meeting. Among the specific issues is, for example, to what extent Eisenstein theoretical work on montage systems was influenced by the systemic thinking of Alexander Bogdanov. To reach for present day, one may even ask, to what extent are these early systemic ideas recycled in contemporary media art theories? The selection of presentations aims at linking systemic thinking with film arts in general, or with Bogdanov, Eisenstein, and the Proletkult-movement in particular.

Call for abstracts has closed. For inquiries, contact pia.tikka at aalto.fi

Welcome to join us!

        Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 13:06:21 +0000
        From: "Bod, Rens" <L.W.M.Bod at uva.nl>
        Subject: Final Call for Papers "The Making of the Humanities IV", Rome, 16-18 October 2014

Final Call for Papers "The Making of the Humanities IV", Rome, 16-18 October 2014

The fourth conference on the history of the humanities, "The Making of the Humanities IV", will take place in Rome from 16 till 18 October 2014.

Goal of the Conference
This is the fourth of a biennially organized conference that brings together scholars and historians interested in the comparative history of the humanities (philology, art history, historiography, linguistics, logic, literary studies, musicology, theatre studies, media studies, a.o.).

Theme of the 2014 Conference: Connecting Disciplines
We welcome papers and panels on the history of the humanities that focus on any period or region. The theme of the 2014 conference will be Connecting Disciplines, with a special interest in comparing methods and patterns across disciplines -- both within and between regions (e.g. China and Europe).

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Fenrong Liu  http://fenrong.net/  (Tsinghua University)
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger<http://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/en/staff/members/rheinbg> (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
Helen Small<http://www.english.ox.ac.uk/about-faculty/faculty-members/victorian-period/small-dr-helen> (University of Oxford)

Deadline for abstracts and panel proposals: 1 June 2014

For more information, see http://makingofthehumanities.blogspot.com<http://makingofthehumanities.blogspot.com/>

Rens Bod http://staff.science.uva.nl/~rens/ , Julia Kursell<http://www.uva.nl/en/about-the-uva/organisation/staff-members/content/k/u/j.j.e.kursell/j.j.e.kursell.html>, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn <http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/m.a.weststeijn/>

        Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 16:24:38 +0200
        From: Suzanne van Kaam <suzanne.van.kaam at huygens.knaw.nl>
        Subject: Announcement: first annual DH Benelux conference

Benelux Conference Digital Humanities 12-13 June 2014
Conference to present state of the art in digital humanities research

The first DHBenelux conference on 12- 13 June 2014 will showcase the state of the art in digital humanities – the most recent development in humanities research. For researchers already involved in digital humanities the conference will be a great opportunity to share knowledge and meet potential project partners. For those new to digital humanities the conference will provide a platform to get acquainted with both experienced and beginning researchers.

Conference programme

The conference organisers have put together an exciting programme. It focuses on all aspects of digital humanities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Exchanging information is a major goal of the conference. Therefore, the conference is packed with parallel sessions and short, 15-minute presentations. The conference dinner on 12th June will be followed by a poster session. In other words: plenty of time for networking and for gaining a quick overview of the field.

Melissa Terras

Keynote speaker Professor Melissa Terras, Director of University College London, will put the conference programme in an international context. She is a leading digital humanities researcher and has been working in the field since the 1990s. She has participated in digital humanities developments from ‘virtual reality’ via ‘digital imaging’ to using computer technology to enable innovative research.


The organising committee of DH Benelux comprises Marijn Koolen (University of Amsterdam), Mike Kestemont (University Antwerp), Karina van Dalen-Oskam (Huygens ING) and Steven Claeyssens (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands).

The conference venue is the KB building, which houses both the Huygens ING and the National Library. It is conveniently located right next to the Central Train Station in The Hague, a thirty-minute train ride from Schiphol airport.

The conference is in English. You can register for the conference until 1 June by means of the DHBenelux registration form.

More information
Follow us on Twitter @DHBenelux (use #DHBenelux) or send an e-mail to congres at huygens.knaw.nl 

Suzanne van Kaam, MA

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