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        Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 21:48:47 +0100
        From: "Center for Comparative Studies" <centrostudicomparati at libero.it>
        Subject: Atelier MediText Paris, 27-28 Mars

27-28 March 2014
Université Paris I



A web-based platform to enable the linguistic analysis of medieval texts (PALM) 
A corpus of political texts from late medieval England and France (Méditext) 
J.-P. Genet, C. Fletcher, A. Mairey, N. Kanaoka, C. Morgan, L. Albiero, M. Aouini 
PALM (Plateforme d’Analyse Linguistique Médiévale) is a software utility, operated over the 
internet, which makes possible the computer-aided analysis of medieval texts. This initial version 
is focused on political texts of French and English origin, in Medieval Latin, Middle French and 
Middle English, dating from the twelfth to the early sixteenth century, but with the possibility of 
expansion to consider other themes, languages and regions. Before PALM, it was impossible, or 
at least very labour intensive, to apply such an analysis to a large body of texts from this period, 
as a result of the absent of standard spelling in these languages at this time and (especially in the 
case of Middle English) the still unformed nature of their grammar and syntax. 


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