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        Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:07:14 +0100
        From: Aris Xanthos <aris.xanthos at unil.ch>
        Subject: Textable - visual programming for text analysis

Dear Humanists,

I have the daunting pleasure to announce the release of Orange Textable v1.4.1: http://langtech.ch/textable

Textable is a text analysis tool whose originality resides mostly in the adoption of a "visual programming" interface. I like to think of it as a construction kit for text analysis: a set of primitive components which can be (visually) arranged to build a variety of text analysis applications, such as a concordancer for tei-encoded novels, a tool for comparing the complexity of movie scripts of various genres, a cool convertible car--wait, this is one of my daughter's brick sets...

I could speak about Textable for hours (in fact I often do), but let me rather suggest that those of you whose curiosity might have been aroused have a look at the following part of the documentation, which demonstrates how to use Textable for monitoring the frequency of "humanities computing" vs. "digital humanities" in the archives of Humanist: http://orange-textable.readthedocs.org/en/latest/illustration.html

Any kind of feedback would be most welcome!

Best regards,
Aris Xanthos

Dept of Language and Information Sciences
University of Lausanne

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