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Ah - Yes - and 'self-consciousness' does not make historiography, and, as Jan notes, does not even make a milestone: it is a consequence of living in a post-modern world.

'the personal reflections of members of a user community can provide valuable insights 
into the technology’s history.'  Hmmm - 'personal reflections' of anybody are good primary
data (I'd love to have more personal reflections of Hekataios for example, rather than only
being able to see him through Herodotos); and primary data, if there is enough of it, may enable
insights, but I'm a bit skeptical.  One thing is certain, a history of any 'technology' cannot be written
by someone inside the 'discipline', someone who 'did' it: one has only to look at most issues of
Annals of the History of Computing, which are very valuable collections of source material, and no more.

PhD candidate, Classics, College of Arts and Social Sciences
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