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        Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 08:56:56 +0100
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It seems to me that DH has reached that milestone almost from the start: the first occurrence of the bigram "our discipline" appears as early as in Lynette Hunter's "Fact—Information—Data—Knowledge: Databases as a Way of Organizing Knowledge" in Lit Linguist Computing (1990) 5 (1): 49-57, and even more frequently the following year, in Paul Fortier's "Theory, Methods and Applications: Some Examples in French Literature" in Lit Linguist Computing (1991) 6 (3): 192-196 (of course, my search was conducted on LLC alone). "Our field" first appears even earlier, in 1986, but in less general contexts. I am certain that some of our first-generation DHers must very well remember earlier discussions of this kind at some of the prehistoric ALLC or ACH conferences - or were they all about counting and tagging?

I think we're a very "self-conscious" bunch.


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