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        Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 14:18:11 -0600
        From: Daniel O'Donnell <daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>
        Subject: Cite Storify?

A student of mine has an interesting question. She's used storify to 
curate a collection of third party tweets on a topic for her thesis and 
we were wondering what to do about citing it.

This is not just a technical question (i.e. how would Chicago do it?). 
Since one of the points of Storify is that you can use it creatively, 
the person who put the storify together is presumably part of the 
intellectual authors of the piece, in much the same way an editor has 
intellectual responsibility for a collection.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a standard way of citing Storify per 
se, though these is a twitter exchange on the question 
(https://twitter.com/kristinarola/status/405877184591433728). I was 
suggesting to her that she treat it like a webpage in terms of format, 
but for the "author" part, she include her name and the authors of the 
tweets. Something like this:

Hobma, Heather, Nancy Sheehan, Deb Howes, and Sara Bodinson. 2014. 
“Wikipedia and Museums (with Tweets) · HeatherHobma.” /Storify/. 
Accessed March 14. http://storify.com/HeatherHobma/wikipedia-and-museums.
What do others think?

Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Professor of English
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge AB T1K 3M4

+1 403 393-2539

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