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        Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 09:36:27 -0600
        From: Alan Bilansky <alanbilansky at gmail.com>
        Subject: Is there a name for this?

Good people,

I am wondering if there is a nice, efficient way of referring to two types
of transcriptions of digitized texts and other media: on the one hand,
transcriptions produced by OCR or voice recognition or even pattern
recognition, with the goal of being accurate enough to locate the media
(images of pages, etc) such as is done my Google Books; and on the other
hand, human-keyed transcriptions with the goal of being accurate enough to
serve as a surrogate of the texts themselves (such as the Text Creation
Partnership's transcriptions of EEBO, ECCO and Evans).


Thank you all in advance.



Alan Bilansky

alanbilansky at gmail.com
(201) 743-8670

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