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The thread on the artefact/model manipulability leads me to the following

* to what extent is the manipulating social? consider that the
manipulation of an object, digital or otherwise, can be witnessed by
others synchrounously either in person or at a distance.

* to what extent can the moves of the manipulating be recorded? consider
that such a record of moves permits asynchronous sharing. it also serves
to open to study alternative paths (undo a number of steps and follow a
different set of manipulations).

now then i might venture to conjecture that the affordances of the digital
object lie in not solely in recording moves (I recall for example a film
of Picasso painting on glass) but that the affordances of the digital
object also lie in the malleability of the manipulating -- we can go
backwards and forwards. this is where the virtuality resides: in the set
of interpreations (moves) that are attached to the object of
interpretation regardless of its digital status.

what to me is the interesting question is how does the change in the
quantity of records (metarecords) affect the shape of the social space in
which the records circulate in particular the deployment of expertise and

Francois Lachance

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