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        Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 22:09:39 +0000
        From: Aodhán Kelly <Aodhan.Kelly at uantwerpen.be>
        Subject: Survey: Tablet computers as an interface for digital scholarly editions

Dear all,

My name is Aodhán Kelly and I am conducting a user study into the potential use of tablet computers as an interface for digital scholarly editions.

This is being conducted as part of my DiXiT Marie Curie fellowship secondment at King's College London with Elena Pierazzo.

I'm asking humanities scholars, researchers, teachers and students to participate in an online survey about digital habits and use of digital scholarly editions. It will take about 15 minutes to complete.

I really hope you can find the time to complete it. The data gathered will be very useful for my own research and for the wider field of digital scholarly editing.

Here is a link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TQ7LL9T

If you are interested in circulating this survey please feel free to do so, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your participation!

Kind regards.

Slán agus beannacht,

Aodhán Kelly
DiXiT ESR Fellow
University of Antwerp

Twitter: @aodhankelly<https://twitter.com/aodhankelly>
Linkedin: http://lnkd.in/HeKEQQ

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