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        Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 04:31:44 +0000
        From: Formal <chuphan.tha at gmail.com>
        Subject: Symposium: Making Augmented Reality Real

[Sent on behalf of Dr. Christian Sandor]
Dear colleagues,

We invited 10 leading Augmented Reality researchers to Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan). In our public symposium on 4 August 2014<x-apple-data-detectors://0>, they will share their thoughts on the future of Augmented Reality through presentations and panel discussions.

Attendance is free, but registration is required.
We will also stream this event live on the internet.

More information:
http://imd.naist.jp/~sandor/marr/ http://imd.naist.jp/%7Esandor/marr/

- Iñigo Quílez (Principal Scientist, Pixar Animation)
- Hao Li (Assistant Professor, University of Southern California)
- Richard Newcombe (Postdoc,  University of Washington)
- Martin Fuchs (Assistant Professor, Stuttgart University)
- Masayuki Kanbara (Associate Professor, NAIST)
- Tomokazu Sato (Associate Professor, NAIST)
- Goshiro Yamamoto (Assistant Professor, NAIST)
- Alvaro Cassinelli (Assistant Professor, Tokyo University)
- Masahiko Inami (Professor, Keio University)
- Mai Otsuki (Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

Best regards,
Christian Sandor

Associate Professor Dr. Christian Sandor
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Interactive Media Design Lab
http://imd.naist.jp/~sandor/ http://imd.naist.jp/%7Esandor/


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