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Herbrand Award: Call for Nominations

Martin Giese
Secretary of AAR and CADE
On behalf of the CADE Inc. Board of Trustees

The Herbrand Award is given by CADE Inc. to honour a person or group for 
exceptional contributions to the field of Automated Deduction. At most one 
Herbrand Award will be given at each CADE or IJCAR meeting. The Herbrand 
Award has been given in the past to

Larry Wos (1992)
Woody Bledsoe (1994)
Alan Robinson (1996)
Wu Wen-Tsun (1997)
Gerard Huet (1998)
Robert S. Boyer and J Strother Moore (1999)
William W. McCune (2000)
Donald W. Loveland (2001)
Mark E. Stickel (2002)
Peter B. Andrews (2003)
Harald Ganzinger (2004)
Martin Davis (2005)
Wolfgang Bibel (2006)
Alan Bundy (2007)
Edmund Clarke (2008)
Deepak Kapur (2009)
David Plaisted (2010)
Nachum Dershowitz (2011)
Melvin Fitting (2012)
Greg Nelson (2013)

A nomination is required for consideration for the Herbrand award. The 
deadline for nominations for the Herbrand Award that will be given at 
IJCAR 2014 is:

    15th April 2014

Nominations pending from previous years must be resubmitted in order to be 

Nominations should consist of a letter (preferably email) of up to 2000 
words from the principal nominator, describing the nominee's contribution, 
along with letters of up to 2000 words of endorsement from two other 
seconders. Nominations should be sent to

    Maria Paola Bonacina, President of CADE Inc.
    mariapaola.bonacina (at) univr.it

with copy to

    Martin Giese, Secretary of CADE Inc. and AAR
    martingi (at) ifi.uio.no

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