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        Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 14:39:34 +0100
        From: Johanna Puhl <jpuhl0 at uni-koeln.de>
        Subject: DANRW -- a functionally complete system for long-term preservation

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are proud to announce that the DANRW Software-Suite – a functionally
complete system for long-term preservation for cultural heritage objects –
is now available on GitHub.

Our developers have been working on it since 2011 at the Institute for
Humanities Computer Science (HKI), University of Cologne, and it has now
gotten to a state, where it is going through its final tests. In three
months it will be handed over to the contracting body – the state of North
Rhine-Westphalia – and the project partners who will become responsible
for regular operations. 

For further information including links to the software documentation please
consult the project website or contact us via mail.

With best regards 
the DA-NRW-Developer-Team @ HKI

The DANRW-Software consists of 4 parts:


This tool creates Submission Information Packages (SIPs) that are compliant
with the DA-NRW archival system. The SIP-Builder makes use of the
BagIt-standard developed by the Library of Congress.


The ContentBroker is the central software tool inside the DA-NRW
infrastructure. It processes most of the ingest steps inside the DA-NRW and
produces AIPs, it also invokes iRODS (cf.: https://www.irods.org/) for the
replication of AIPs on all hardware-nodes inside the DA-NRW. The
ContentBroker is a hybrid Java tool. It is a distributed open source server
application that runs on all nodes within the preservation system. Users can
choose one node inside the DA-NRW infrastructure as central access point for
ingest. Each node within the archive infrastructure runs iRODS and the
ContentBroker. The technology used is RedHat 6 servers and Java as well as
C-code up to a small degree.


The DA-NRW Web Console (DA-Web) provides several tools for ingesting
institutions. These web-tools can be used to monitor the ingest progress and
to retrieve data packages from the archive. The web console is the central
access point for institutions.

Presentation Repository

The Presentation Repository hosts data packages that are created for web
presentation and is operated on one node inside the DA-NRW infrastructure.
The repository is managed via Fedora and provides an OAI-PMH interface for
the harvesting of presentable content through web-services, like the one of
the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, that also functions as a pre-aggregator
for Europeana. Additionally Fedora offers the query of different kinds of
metadata for different search-purposes.

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