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  [1]   From:    Zoe Michel <conferences at wopu.org>                        (109)
        Subject: The 2014 International Conference on Education and
                Educational Technologies.

  [2]   From:    Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>                  (26)
        Subject: Replaying Japan

        Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 13:33:21 +0000
        From: Zoe Michel <conferences at wopu.org>
        Subject: The 2014 International Conference on Education and Educational Technologies. 

EET 2014

The 2014 International Conference on Education and Educational Technologies
Prague, Czech Republic, April 2-4, 2014 

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All the papers are subject to peer, thorough, strict review by committees' members or 2 or 3 additional reviewers. Find the names of the reviewers in our site (Link: Books). The names of the Reviewers appear always in the Proceedings and are always sent to our Indexes (ISI, SCOPUS, etc...). Find them in our site. (Link: Books). Only reviewers with several recent publications in ISI and SCOPUS are used in our review process.

Prague: This magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, has been mirrored in the surface of the swan-filled Vltava River for more than ten centuries. Almost undamaged by WWII, Prague's medieval centre remains a wonderful mixture of cobbled lanes, walled courtyards, cathedrals and countless church spires all in the shadow of her majestic 9th century castle that looks eastward as the sun sets behind her. Prague is also a modern and vibrant city full of energy, music, cultural art, fine dining and special events catering to the independent traveller's thirst for adventure. It is regarded by many as one of Europe's most charming and beautiful cities, Prague has become the most popular travel destination in Central Europe along with Bratislava and Krakow. Millions of tourists visit the city every year. Prague was founded in the later 9th century, and soon became the seat of Bohemian kings, some of whom ruled as emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The city thrived under the rule of Charles IV, who ordered the building of the New Town in the 14th century - many of the city's most important attractions date back to that age. The city also went under Habsburg rule and became the capital of a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918, after World War I, the city became the capital of Czechoslovakia. After 1989 many foreigners, especially young people, moved to Prague. In 1992, its historic centre was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries and Prague became capital city of the new Czech Republic"

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Organizing Committee:
General Chairs
    Professor Philippe Dondon
    ENSEIRB-MATMECA, École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique
    Informatique et Radiocommunications de Bordeaux
    1 avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer, B.P. 99 33402
    Talence, Cedex

    Professor D. Subbaram Naidu,
    IEEE Fellow,
    Idaho State University, USA

    Professor  Imre Rudas,
    Obuda University, Budapest,

    Professor Bimal Kumar Bose
    Life Fellow IEEE,
    The University of Tennessee,
    Knoxville, USA

Senior Program Chair
    Professor Giovanni Fulantelli,
    National Research Council of Italy,
    Institute for Educational Technologies Palermo,

Program Chairs
    Professor Cathy H. Qi,
    University of New Mexico,
    Albuquerque, NM, USA

    Professor D. Subbaram Naidu,
    IEEE Fellow,
    Idaho State University, USA

    Professor Sara De Freitas,
    Coventry University, UK

Tutorials Chair
    Professor Toshio Okamoto,
    The University of Electro-Communications,
    UEC & KCG, Japan

Special Session Chair
    Professor Xiang Bai, Huazhong
    University of Science and Technology,

Workshops Chair
    Professor Ronald Tetzlaff,
    Technical University Dresden,
    Dresden, Germany

Local Organizing Chair
    Professor Klimis Ntalianis,
    Tech. Educ. Inst. of Athens (TEI),
    Athens, Greece

Publication Chair
    Professor Konstantinos G. Arvanitis, 
    Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece

    Professor Cornelia Aida Bulucea, University of Craiova,
    Craiova, Romania

Publicity Committee
    Professor Bharat Doshi,
    John Hopkins University,
    Mayrland, USA

    Professor Imre J. Rudas,
    Óbuda University, Budapest,

International Liaisons
    Professor Alexander Gegov,
    University of Portsmouth, UK

    Professor Peter Szolgay,
    Pazmany Peter Catholic University,

    Professor Imre Rudas, 
    Obuda University, Hungary

    Professor Manuela Panoiu,
    Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania.

        Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 09:08:13 -0700
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: Replaying Japan

Call for Papers
Replaying Japan Again: 2nd International Japan Game Studies Conference, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the International Conference on Japan Game Studies 2014 will be held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, August 21-23, 2014.

Proposals in Japanese are most welcome! <日本語での発表要旨も受け付けます。>

This conference is organized in collaboration with the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies, the Prince Takamado Japan Centre and the University of Alberta with support from the GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence.

The conference is the third collaboratively organized conference focusing broadly on Japanese game culture, education and industry. It aims to bring together a large range of researchers and creators from a broad range of different country to present and exchange their work.

We invite a broad range of posters/demonstrations and papers dealing with game culture, education and games and the Japanese game industry from the perspectives of humanities, social sciences, business or education. We encourage poster/demonstration proposals if you want to show a game or interactive. The range of possible topics includes (but is not limited to):

	• Cross cultural study of games and toys

	• East Asian Game Culture and Market (especially China)

	• Localization of games

	• Assessment of educational aspects of games

	• Preservation of games and game culture

	• Understanding player culture

	• Close readings of specific games

	• Comparative study of specific titles

	• Game theory

	• Game design

	• Game industry (in Japan and transnationally)

	• Marketing and financing the games industry

	• Games and transmedia phenomena

	• Games of chance

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words via email to <replayingjapan2014 at gmail dot com>, before April 1st, 2014. Figures, tables and references, which do not count towards the 500 words, may be included on a second page. Please submit your anonymized abstract (and supporting second page) in PDF format with a just title. The following information should be in the accompanying email message: Type of submission (poster/demonstration or paper), Title of submission, Name of author(s), Affiliation(s), Address(es), Phone (and Fax) number(s), and Email address(es). Notification of acceptance will be send out by April 15th, 2014. Abstracts will be accepted in English or Japanese.


While the language of this conference will be English, Abstracts, Posters and PowerPoint slides will be translated into both languages. For those who can’t present in English there will be translation help on demand.

For more information about the International Conference on Japan Game Studies 2014, visit the conference home page <https://sites.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/replayingjapan2014/> or write <replayingjapan2014 at gmail dot com>.

<日本語での ご質問、お問合せ、及び日本語の研究発表要旨の提出は < rcgs at st.ritsumei.ac.jp>にお願いします。> 

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