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        Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 14:51:43 -0500
        From: "Mylonas, Elli" <elli_mylonas at brown.edu>
        Subject: TEI lists subscription problem solved

I am forwarding this on behalf of a contrite Syd  Bauman

--------- confessions of a bad list owner ---------
----------- please re-post far and wide -----------

Executive summary
--------- -------
Since September subscription requests to many TEI lists, including TEI-L,
have not been processed due to an error (on my part). The error has been
rectified. If you or anyone you know has tried to subscribe to a TEI list
unsuccessfully, please try again.

EEK! My abject apologies ...

Back in September my Brown.edu e-mail address ceased to exist. (
Myalumni.Brown.edu address still functions, but it only does
mailforwarding.) That evening I spent about an hour going through the
~30 lists I run at Brown changing my e-mail address in each
configuration file. For reasons I do not (and never will) know, those
changes only took effect for some lists. For the majority, the owner
e-mail address remained my old, now defunct Brown.edu address.

A few weeks later a colleague from down under contacted me and asked what
was going on. I started poking around a bit, but with the TEI meeting in
October and then the TEI Council meeting in November, I *completely* forgot
about it until early this week when James C. and Kevin H. gave me a virtual
bonk on the head.

So for months now, any errors, subscription requests, etc., for TEI-L and
many (but not all) of the SIG lists have gone into the big bit bucket in the
sky. This week the Brown list master and I spent some time trying to figure
out what, if anything, we could do to recover at least the subscription
requests during that time. Sadly,LISTSERV does not keep the e-mail address
of a subscription request that comes in over the web. (Only those that come
in over e-mail.)

So I was able to subscribe 2 of the dozens of people who requested to join
this list since the problem began. So, if you know anyone who tried
unsuccessfully to subscribe to a TEI list, please deliver my sincere
apologies and ask that they try again.

You may think that heads should roll for a screw-up of this magnitude. If
so, or if you're a TEI power broker stressing over cutting Syd's head off,
there's good news. For years now the TEI has toyed with trying to get all
TEI lists be served from one place. (We have lists on at least 5 servers.)
Under the stewardship of our new webmaster, Kevin Hawkins, this effort is
moving forward. He and I are in (entirely unrelated) conversation about
moving the Brown set of TEI lists. So if all goes well, by early January all
the TEI lists hosted at Brown University (and thus run by me) will be hosted
at TEI-C instead. So if you wait 2 weeks, I may be stepping down without any
bloodshed :-)

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