[Humanist] 28.557 Humanist's troubles -- a correction

Willard McCarty willard.mccarty at mccarty.org.uk
Thu Dec 11 13:43:07 CET 2014

Dear Elli,

This happens sometimes, almost always I catch the problem, but not this 
time. Apologies. It will be sent out tomorrow.


On 11/12/2014 12:24, Elli Bleeker wrote:
> Dear Malgosia, dear Willard,
> In response to this: this morning I send a posting to the Humanist
> address. It did come through, but unfortunately the message field remained
> empty (See the fourth item in [Humanist] 28.553 teaching text editing?)
> Did I do something wrong? Or was it just a simple mix up? In any case; you
> can find below the original message. Could you please include it in the
> following newsletter? Thanks in advance.
> Best wishes,
> Elli
> ‹‹‹‹
> Subject: Survey on teaching material for digital text editing
> Dear list,
> For a possible workshop in text editing we are curious to learn from
> anyone with experience in teaching and/or training in digital editing. The
> general idea is to make an inventory of what already exist and bring that
> together, before reinventing the wheel or overlooking the obvious. We are
> especially interested to hear about which material you use, and which of
> the resources are available online. Do you use free and open source
> material, or is it covered by restrictive licenses? Does it meet the needs
> of students or inexperienced scholars, and where does it fall short? With
> regard to the training program or curriculum: did you design it yourself
> based on the needs of your group, or did you follow a certain program that
> is offered online?
> It would be great if you could get back to us before the 5th of January.
> Thanks in advance for any information and advice.
> Elli Bleeker
> University of Antwerp - DiXiT Research Fellow
> PhD Candidate
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>>         Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 11:45:25 -0500
>>         From: malgosia askanas<ma at panix.com>
>>         Subject: Re: a problem with Humanist
>>         In-Reply-To:<5486BBAA.8030109 at mccarty.org.uk>
>> Dear All,
>> I would like to amend Willard's post in a few points:
>> -  I most certainly hope the none of you (the list subscribers) are
>> getting any "bounce action" notifications.   If you are, more is broken
>> than we thought.  All the "bounce action" notifications are, hopefully
>> and as always, going either to the listserver itself or to Willard as the
>> apparent sender of the posts.
>> -  The problem is not with any of the mechanisms for generating messages
>> to the list; it is, ostensibly, with the server's mechnism for generating
>> SPF (Sender Policy Framework) signatures in the headers of the messages.
>> In the last few days, this mechanism has begun to emit - instead of just
>> one SPF signature perHumanist  message - 495 of them, which causes the
>> header size to exceed the limit set by the receiving servers of many of
>> Humanist's subscribers; hence the bounces that Willard is referring to.
>> (Those of you who are receiving the messages can see those headers by
>> enabling the "show all headers" or "show message source" mechanism in
>> your email client.)  I am not sure that the fault can be ascribed to a
>> "malevolent creature", as Willard puts it, except in some utterly
>> figurative sense.  I would suspect a strange interaction that arose
>> between some (as yet unidentified) recent update to the hosting server's
>> framework and our particular list.
>> Malgosia Askanas
>> Humanist software support
>> At 9:06 AM +0000 12/9/14, Willard McCarty wrote:
>>> Dear colleagues,
>>> Somehow on 5 December one of the several mechanisms used in generating
>>> messages from Humanist was damaged and has resulted in "bounce actions"
>>> that at least some of you have witnessed. Several people are now at work
>>> attempting to figure out where the problem lies and will fix it once it
>>> is found. We would ask for your patience while the probing and fixing is
>>> going on. I will continue to post messages since not everyone is
>>> affected. Those who are can still access the postings from the archive.
>>> I would ask of them an especially robust patience as they are pelted
>>> with Bounce Action Notifications -- as I was shortly after midnight GMT
>>> by an excess of 250 such things. When infoglut was new I used to offer
>>> the cold comfort that one's delete key is never far away. That's about
>>> all I can offer now.
>>> This time I suspect my apologies should be not just for failing software
>>> but also for a malevolent creature out there somewhere who takes
>>> pleasure in harming others.
>>> Yours,
>>> WM
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