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Hello all,

An announcement of the ACM History Committee's upcoming 2015 support for research in computing history.  As in the past, ACM HC will directly support research projects with an award up to $4,000.  This year we plan on holding the (already announced) research workshop in conjunction with the SHOT and SIGCIS annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico during 8-11 October 2015 (precise details to be finessed).  Prior awardees will be receiving an invitation to attend this workshop, also with a travel supplement.

You can see the list of past ACM HC awards here:<http://history.acm.org/public/public_documents/acm_history_fellows.php>

A "word of wisdom" to the community: ACM HC believes it has been successful in funding top-quality history research, and a number of people on this list have benefitted.  The necessary payback, however, is to make certain that ACM HC hears from awardees about any papers, presentations, lectures, or other outcomes from the funded project.  We keep a list of such "project deliverables" at the page listed above. Great projects and well-reported outcomes . . . continuing enthusiasm for future funding of research projects . . . .

Best, Tom Misa
ACM History Committee chair

ACM History Committee 
Call for Proposals
2015 Research Workshop on ACM History

The Association for Computing Machinery, founded in 1947, is the oldest and largest educational and scientific society dedicated to the computing profession, and today has more than 100,000 members around the world.  To help illuminate ACM’s history the ACM History Committee (ACM-HC) will organize a workshop in conjunction with the SHOT and SIGCIS annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico during 8-11 October 2015.

Beginning in 2009 ACM-HC has supported nearly 20 research projects on ACM’s storied history.  These projects have examined ACM’s activities in computer science education, accreditation, and international exchanges; ACM’s founding and early organization; ACM’s Turing Award; regional computing communities and federal government policy; advocacy and recruitment; and research in graphics, hypertext, networking, and artificial intelligence.

We invite research projects that relate to one or more of the following workshop themes:

Public policy, government relations, and computing
Computing education and professionalization
Organizational innovation: special-interest groups, conferences, and publications in computing

We will support up to four projects with awards of up to $3,000 each.  Successful candidates may be of any rank, from graduate students through senior researchers.  All awardees must be willing to present a paper to the ACM history workshop in mid-October 2015.  A $1,500 supplement for workshop travel, lodging, and meals will be provided—in addition to this project award.  Previous ACM HC awardees will be invited to the workshop and similarly supported.

To Apply:

Applicants should send a 2-page CV as well as a 750-word project description that [a] describes the proposed research; [b] identifies the importance of specific ACM historical materials, whether traditional archival collections or online historical materials (oral histories, digitized conference papers, ACM organizational records, etc.); [c] discusses any project outcome besides the ACM history workshop (e.g. journal article, book or dissertation chapter, teaching resource, museum exhibit, website); and [d] outlines a timeline for completing the project—including, specifically, your willingness to contribute a 10-page (2500-word) paper to the mid-October 2015 ACM history workshop.  Workshop papers will be pre-circulated to workshop attendees; revised papers may be published.

In preparing a proposal, applicants should examine the document “ACM Research Materials” posted at <history.acm.org/content.php?do=links> as well as “Sources for ACM History,” CACM 50 #5 (May 2007): 36-41 <doi.acm.org/10.1145/1230819.1230836>.   Other research materials relating to ACM may also be used.  Applicants should include a letter of endorsement from their home institution or an external scholarly reference. 

Proposals are due by 1 February 2015.  Proposals should be submitted as a single pdf-format document to <history-webmaster at acm.org>. Notification of awards will be made within 6 weeks.

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