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        Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 11:25:29 +0000
        From: "Dr. Will Tuladhar-Douglas" <will at tending.to>
        Subject: recommendations for shared bibliographic database, FOSS

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I'm writing to ask the list for advice in choosing a server/client bundle that would allow a research team to share bibliographic information. I suspect this is a question that surfaces periodically. We have a small workgroup (< 20) but members might need to access the database from almost anywhere, and publications will be in a variety of languages and scripts.

Minimally, it needs to be free and open-source, multi-user, Unicode-friendly, run the server on Linux or OSX, and allow for the input, editing and retrieval of bibliographic information in BiBTeX and EndNote formats through a web interface. Ideally it would be possible to load many records at once, at least through the backend; have the capacity to attach PDFs and notes; integrate with interesting front-ends like Moodle; be relatively easy to set up; and use a standard back-end like PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Zotero is neither open-source nor free, and while I am sure we could have a long discussion, let's not ;-). 

So far, I've found

Basilic (http://artis.imag.fr/Software/Basilic/  http://artis.imag.fr/Software/Basilic/ ) -- looks a bit old.
Refbase (http://www.refbase.net/index.php/Web_Reference_Database  http://www.refbase.net/index.php/Web_Reference_Database )
Wikindx (http://wikindx.sourceforge.net  http://wikindx.sourceforge.net/ )

Is there a standard? Do folks have good or bad experiences with use, administration or support of any of these?

I'll summarise and post responses.

Many thanks.

Be well,

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Will Tuladhar Douglas
Senior Lecturer, Environments and Religions
University of Aberdeen
http://tending.to/garden  http://tending.to/garden

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