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Willard wrote:

> But since the new procedure was initiated I've noticed that the number
> of those who respond to the automatic message is significantly less than
> the number who apply. On the one hand this can be viewed as eliminating
> those of insufficient determination, and so good; on the other it can be
> viewed as unnecessarily harsh, and so bad. I worry.

I have been for almost 2 decades the lead editor of an academic mail 
list that deals with religion. In the beginning, we had a lot of trouble 
with various types of religious practitioners and religious extremists 
who joined, and who were often vocal in their disdain for the views of 
scholars who joined the list. So we had no recourse but to change to a 
subscription system that included a query that required an intelligent 

I never heard of any good scholar being put off by this. On the 
contrary, they tended to be encouraged by the fact that they were 
clearly about to join a serious, scholarly, well-tended academic forum. 
From that time, our membership grew even faster, in part, I believe, 
due to the high reputation of the list (which is, by the way, 
H-Buddhism). We now have 1,500 subscribers around the world, all scholars.




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