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Il 13/09/2013 09:46, Humanist Discussion Group ha scritto:
> Pascal Junod, "a bilingual blog about cryptography, information
> security, science, geekness and others", has published a letter of
> resignation from a doctoral student at the École Polytechnique Fédérale
> de Lausanne that, I think, is worth our attention. See
> http://crypto.junod.info/2013/09/09/an-aspiring-scientists-frustration-with-modern-day-academia-a-resignation/
>  for the full letter.

it's always risky to speak about the choices of another person. so what i
would like to say is about research in general, globally. the letter of the
anonymous is only a cue.

point 1: research is not easy.

point 2:research is a social affair; as every social affair you must
contract what you want with other people you have beside you. the society of
science, with all of its defects, is that who brought to you every tool,
every piece of knowledge, despite those defects we all know very well not
only in theory but by experience.

point 3: in research a person grows and growing mean that one becomes more
and more able, strong, knowldgeable. when you start you feel strong but you
aren't so strong, really.

facing all these situations (and others too) can lead to frustration, it's
true. but we are not babies ...frustrated by frustration: we are adults who
struggle with frustration to achieve what we want. every great scientist
could have said - more or less - of his time scientists the same things of
the anonymous. but they went on and gave us the fruits of heir struggles:
new theories, wider knowledge. others instead, despite their struggle,
failed and died without recognition of their value. but we now recognize

research is a wild roguery, so be prepared to it.


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