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        Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 01:53:31 +0000
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        Subject: New Book Series on Practices in Digital Humanities

Dear all,

I believe the Humanist list was on a much deserved vacation when the announcement for this new book series was sent out. Please consider submitting a proposal!

We are delighted to let you know that our new book series, Practices in the Digital Humanities, is officially launching with a partnership between the University of Michigan Press and Matrix Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences. More details here: http://www.digitalculture.org/books/book-series/practices-in-the-digital-humanities/.

As you know, the digital humanities is in a golden age, with many of us racing to build tools, create archives, manage projects, and create user experiences. Practices in the Digital Humanities will support this kind of work by providing best practices, models, case studies, and examples on how to build to standards, architect experiences, administer systems, manage projects, and build useful tools. Bringing together experts in digital humanities, this series will be written by DH scholars for DH scholars. These books will be situated as methods for digital humanities, and each book project will be peer reviewed. These book projects will include a printed book (no more than 100 pages) and various digital assets such as templates, code, videos, images, etc. Author's are free to host their materials outside of UM's servers, and we want to encourage using the most useful tools for outside repositories (i.e., github, flickr, you own site, etc.).

In considering who might be best to publish such a series, we looked for a publisher that had a strong foundation in digital humanities, would understand the significance of our series, and would support new methods of licensing and open access.The University of Michigan Press is that publisher. Our new series is part of their Digital Cultural Books imprint. For more information about open access and other licensing options, please see their About page: http://www.digitalculture.org/about/ and their recent blog post about their new author's agreement: http://blog.press.umich.edu/2013/06/new-authors-agreement/. I'm certain you will find it as intriguing and forward-thinking as we did.

Kathie (and Liza)

Kathie Gossett, PhD
Asst. Professor of Digital Humanities
Director, Professional Communication Internship Program
Department of English, Iowa State University
kgossett at iastate.edu<mailto:kgossett at iastate.edu>
(515) 294-7460
Twittter/Skype: gossettphd

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