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        Subject: Design Culture and beliefs about technology
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Given the recent thread on project management, subscribers to Humanist may
be interested in a related topic about design culture posted by Anne
Galloway. The following observations are particularly acute.


1. Technological determinism & defeatism

Or, the cultural belief that technological development and progress is
inevitable, and we have to adapt.

2. Technological solutionism

Or, the cultural belief that technology is the best solution to life'’s

3. Quantification imperatives

Or, the cultural belief that everything can and should be measured in
numbers, and that everyday life would be better if all our decisions were
based on these data.

4. Connection & sharing imperatives

Or, the cultural belief that everyday life would be better if more
information was transmissible and accessible to people.

5. Convenience & efficiency imperatives

Or, the cultural belief that people would be better off if there were more
technologies to make daily life more convenient, and common tasks more


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