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Il 12/03/2013 08:02, Humanist Discussion Group ha scritto:
> Neven Jovanovic asks a good question. The answer of course is many, many
> tablets (and I've not tried to do the sums) for anything nontextual. But
> in principle sound/visual material could be reproduced via strings of
> 0,1 codes...
i think that the very matter is not how many tablets we need to encode 
the bible, but the concept itself of archiving on clay tablet which 
immediately starts -as a powerful catalyzer- a series of thoughts about 
archiving, about the media for archiving, about their virtues and 
defects, about the time variable, about the resilience, about what will 
remain of our digital culture after 2000 years, if after 100 years, or 
1000, for the humanity will be more interesting and important the iliad 
or all the zettabytes we produced in the sole year 2013, about ...

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