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        Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 09:12:04 +0000
        From: Melissa Terras <melissaterras at gmail.com>
        Subject: call for nominations to the ALLC Committee

ALLC: The European Association for Digital Humanities, 2013 Elections

Dear Colleague and Member,

I am writing to let you know that the ALLC: EADH elections for 2013 are now
under way.  You are receiving this email message if you have subscribed to
the journal LLC in 2012, and chose either the 'Joint' or 'ALLC: EADH'
membership options.  This entitles you to make a nomination, to be
nominated, and if an election is required, to vote.

Nominations are now invited for three committee posts, each to serve a
3-year term.  The current members of the executive committee, Chris Meister,
Espen Ore and Jan Rybicki are all standing for re-election. All nominations
require the support of two joint or ALLC: EADH members - in effect a
proposer and seconder - and the written consent of the nominee.  Note that
self-nomination is excluded by the constitution, and membership must be

All nominations should be sent to  nominations at allc.org

Full details of the election process are to be found on the EADH website at
www.allc.org.  Nominations may be made by email or by post. A copy of the
Constitution is also available on the EADH  website.

The nomination period has now begun and will run to April 20th.  If there
are more than three nominations for the committee member positions, voting
will take place in May.  Results will be announced at the association's
annual general meeting, which will take place during the DH2013 conference.

Nominations are also invited for the role of chair and for the role of
treasurer, two of the designated officers of the association. If there is
more than one nomination for a given officer's position, then the
appointment of a new chair and new treasurer, from among those nominated,
will be made by the committee at its July meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, just
prior to the DH2013 conference.  Paul Spence, our current treasurer, will
not stand for re-election, and, as you almost certainly know, Lisa Lena
Opas-Hänninen, chair since 2010, passed away in Feb.  The chair and the
treasurer serve a three-year terms, subject to a single renewal, and their
duties are specified in the constitution
(http://www.allc.org/about/constitution).  Anyone interested in serving in
this position is encouraged to send an expression of interest, including a
1-page CV and a 250-word statement of what s/he would hope to accomplish as
chair to nominations at allc.org no later than midnight, May 15, 2013 (GMT). 
Questions about the position may be addressed confidentially to John
Nerbonne, j.nerbonne at rug.nl, EADH president.

Please exercise your democratic right to make a nomination, to stand for
election, and in due course to vote. 

With best wishes - and I hope to see you at DH2013

John Nerbonne, acting Chair, EADH

--John Nerbonne                University of Groningen
www.let.rug.nl/nerbonne     +31 (0)50 363 58 15

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