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        Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 01:08:11 +0000
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        Subject: centerNet invites centers to join
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Now in its initial year as a constituent organization of ADHO, centerNet is launching its first drive for paid membership.  Please join our international group of founding centers<http://digitalhumanities.org/centernet/about/#founding_centers> and become a member now!

centerNet was founded to address the particular needs of centers as such, rather than those of individual practitioners.  Who is eligible for membership? If you think your center is a digital humanities center, in whole or in part, then we'd be glad to have you join centerNet. We leave the definition of "digital humanities" up to you, but we intend to be inclusive, and we know that there will be cross-over into the social sciences, media studies, digital arts and other related areas. This might include humanities centers with a strong interest in or focus on digital platforms. One caveat--a "center" should be larger than a single projects, and it should have some history or promise of persistence. Ourhttp://digitalhumanities.org/centernet/centers  provides many examples.

Anchored by its forthcoming publication DH Commons  http://dhcommons.org/  and initiatives such as Day(s) of DH<http://dayofdh2012.artsrn.ualberta.ca/>, centerNet enables individual DH Centers to network internationally--sharing and building on projects, tools, staff and expertise--thereby providing a virtual DH center for isolated DH projects and a platform for educating the broader scholarly community about Digital Humanities.

centerNet membership fees are paid on a per-center basis through the Oxford University Press Website. We understand that digital humanities centers, labs, and projects come in all shapes and sizes.  So we have created a tiered membership system that makes the benefits of centerNet membership available to as many centers as possible. Membership dues are based on your center's FTE headcount and range from $400 to as low as $80 or free, for centers in developing countries. See our Membership page<http://digitalhumanities.org/centernet/join/> for more details. To join centerNet now go here<http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/litlin/access_purchase/price_list.html>.

Katherine Walter and Neil Fraistat

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