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  [1]   From:    "Roueche, Charlotte" <charlotte.roueche at KCL.AC.UK>        (15)
        Subject: GettyImages

  [2]   From:    Dean Rehberger <deanreh at gmail.com>                        (30)
        Subject: New Book Series on Practices in Digital Humanities

  [3]   From:    Seth van Hooland <svhoolan at ulb.ac.be>                     (14)
        Subject: Tutorial on data cleaning

  [4]   From:    Nicholas Ruiz III <editor at intertheory.org>                (25)
        Subject: Kritikos, V.10 July-August 2013

        Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 11:08:53 +0000
        From: "Roueche, Charlotte" <charlotte.roueche at KCL.AC.UK>
        Subject: GettyImages

The Getty Trust have just announced that they are publishing all their
available digital images online: see
http://www.getty.edu/about/opencontent.html. Of course this includes some
very high quality classical materials: helpfully, they offer a chronological

Great news!

Professor Charlotte Roueché
Centre for Hellenic Studies
King's College
London WC2R 2LS
fax             + 44 20.7848 2545
charlotte.roueche at kcl.ac.uk<mailto:charlotte.roueche at kcl.ac.uk>

        Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 18:23:34 -0300
        From: Dean Rehberger <deanreh at gmail.com>
        Subject: New Book Series on Practices in Digital Humanities

We are delighted to let you know that our new book series, Practices in the Digital Humanities, is officially launching with a partnership between the University of Michigan Press and Matrix Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences. More details here: http://www.digitalculture.org/books/book-series/practices-in-the-digital-humanities/.

As you know, the digital humanities is in a golden age, with many of us racing to build tools, create archives, manage projects, and create user experiences. Practices in the Digital Humanities will support this kind of work by providing best practices, models, case studies, and examples on how to build to standards, architect experiences, administer systems, manage projects, and build useful tools. Bringing together experts in digital humanities, this series will be written by DH scholars for DH scholars. These books will be situated as methods for digital humanities, and each book project will be peer reviewed. These book projects will include a printed book and various digital assets such as templates, code, videos, images, etc. Author's are free to host their materials outside of UM's servers, and we want to encourage using the most useful tools for outside repositories (i.e., github, flickr, you own site, etc.). 

In considering who might be best to publish such a series, we looked for a publisher that had a strong foundation in digital humanities, would understand the significance of our series, and would support new methods of licensing and open access.The University of Michigan Press is that publisher. Our new series is part of their Digital Cultural Books imprint. For more information about open access and other licensing options, please see their About page: http://www.digitalculture.org/about/ and their recent blog post about their new author's agreement: http://blog.press.umich.edu/2013/06/new-authors-agreement/. I'm certain you will find it as intriguing and forward-thinking as we did.

Liza (and Kathie)
Liza Potts, Ph.D.
Michigan State University
Senior Researcher at WIDE Research
Director of User Experience Projects at MATRIX
Assistant Professor
Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures
434 Farm Lane (Bessey Hall) Room 291, East Lansing, MI 48824
Gtalk: LKPotts  | Skype: LKPotts | Twitter: LizaPotts


Michigan State University
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aim: deanreh

        Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:32:04 +0200
        From: Seth van Hooland <svhoolan at ulb.ac.be>
        Subject: Tutorial on data cleaning

Dear all,

Some of you might be interested in the data cleaning lesson Ruben Verborgh, Max De Wilde and myself just published on The Programming Historian website:


Feel free to contact us with your comments.

Kind regards, 

Seth van Hooland
Président du Master en Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (MaSTIC)
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 50 CP 123  | 1050 Bruxelles
0032 2 650 4765
Office: DC11.102

        Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:43:43 -0700 (PDT)
        From: Nicholas Ruiz III <editor at intertheory.org>
        Subject: Kritikos, V.10 July-August 2013

Kritikos, V.10 July-August  2013
Whistleblower (for Edward Snowden)...(n.ruiz)
I Wish I Was Nixon (for BHO)...(n.ruiz)

Kritikos Reviews: http://intertheory.org/reviews.htm

Intertheory Press, new books:

Order now:

Jean  Baudrillard: From the Ocean to the Desert -
The Poetics of Radicality
by Gerry  Coulter 


It is in the deserts of postmodernity where Baudrillard both found and left  us. It is in these deserts that we become aware, as did Baudrillard and  other poststructuralist thinkers, that theory precedes the world (there  is nothing that can be said of the world that is not already framed by our  approach to it). It is within Coulter's absolutely lucid exploration - and  it goes without saying that the work of Jean Baudrillard should be recognized  in such an appropriate revelation - that Baudrillard's thought is unveiled.

About  the Author
Gerry Coulter is the founding editor of the International Journal  of Baudrillard Studies He has received Bishop’s University’s  highest award for teaching – the William and Nancy Turner Prize.

Order now: 

Integral  Reality 
by Robert  Hassan and Nicholas Ruiz III


In this political, cultural and philosophical analysis, Hassan and Ruiz  explore developing concepts of time, space and capital in relation to politics  today.

About  the Authors
Robert  Hassan is a Media and Communications Research Fellow--University of Melbourne,  Australia. His recent books include 27/7: Time and Temporality in the  Network Society (Cambridge UP, 2007) and The New Media Theory Reader (Open UP, 2006)

Nicholas  Ruiz III, Ph.D was born in New York City in 1970. He is the author of The  Metaphysics of Capital and America in Absentia. He is also  the editor of Kritikos.

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