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        Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 13:12:52 -0400
        From: Brian Croxall <b.croxall at gmail.com>
        Subject: The One Week | One Tool team announces Serendip-o-matic

After five days and nights of intense collaboration, the One Week | One
Tool digital humanities team has unveiled its web application:
Serendip-o-matic  http://serendipomatic.org/ . Unlike conventional search
tools, this "serendipity engine" takes in any text, such as an article,
song lyrics, or a bibliography.  It then uses named-entity recognition to
extract key terms, delivering similar results from the vast online
collections of the Digital Public Library of America, Europeana, and Flickr
Commons. Because Serendip-o-matic asks sources to speak for themselves,
users can step back and discover connections they never knew existed. The
team worked to re-create that moment when a friend recommends an amazing
book, or a librarian suggests a new source.

Serendip-o-matic is easy to use and freely available to the public.
Software developers may expand and improve the open-source code, available
on GitHub. The One Week | One Tool team has also prepared ways for
additional archives, libraries, and museums to make their collections
available to Serendip-o-matic.

Please take a look at what we made and let the team know what you
think—either via Twitter with the #owot hashtag or at
serendipomatic at gmail.com. Just remember: it's not search, it's serendipity.

Brian Croxall, on behalf of the OWOT team.
Brian Croxall, PhD | Digital Humanities Strategist | Lecturer of English |
Emory University

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