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        Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 15:45:14 +0000
        From: Wintner Shuly <shuly at cs.haifa.ac.il>
        Subject: Research Positions in Grammar Engineering and Grammar Development

Research Positions in Grammar Engineering and Grammar Development
The Open University and the University of Haifa, Israel

We are looking for research assistants for an externally-funded research project titled "Grammar Engineering and Collaborative Grammar Development". You will be part of a team that develops mechanisms that facilitate collaborative grammar development. An integral part of the project is the development of wide coverage HPSG grammars for Hebrew and Arabic, two genetically related yet significantly different languages. You will be expected to contribute either to the computational effort of designing and implementing grammar engineering solutions, or to the linguistic effort of developing the parallel grammars.

We are looking for research assistants who:
- have a solid background in computer science, linguistics, or computational linguistics
- are familiar with contemporary syntactic theories, ideally HPSG
- are creative, innovative and able to work independently
- possess excellent communication skills, both oral and written (in English).

To apply, please e-mail an updated CV, with the names and contact details of at least three references, to Shuly Wintner (shuly at cs.haifa.ac.il). Applications will be processed immediately; work should ideally start no later than September 2013.

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